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Join the Team: As a leading force in our nation’s public policy debates the REALTORS® Political Action Committee is the only investment dedicated to furthering the interests of real estate professionals in our nation’s capitol, state legislatures, and city halls.

Since its inception more than forty years ago, RPAC has worked to ensure that the real estate industry speaks with a unified voice and continues to provide you with an influential political presence.

RPAC aggressively pursues the election and re-election of candidates for local, state, and federal office who stand up and support real estate professionals on key issues like these, as well as a long list of other issues critical to our future!

  • Protect the Mortgage Interest Deduction
  • Keep Real Estate Excise Taxes low
  • Keep Business Taxes low
  • Fight against taxing Real Estate Services
  • Promote and protect property rights and homeownership do no harm to the economy, and enact common sense regulations
  • Protect the waterways, in assuring the quality and quantity of our water
  • Ensure all funds collected from the Documentary Stamp Tax stay in the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

What We Need is Your Support. As important as it is to be involved in your local community, it is equally important that we, as REALTORS®, are involved at the state and federal levels of government as well.

By participating in RPAC, your voice is heard collectively with hundreds of thousands of your colleagues across the country. RPAC provides you a seat at the table. If you don’t get involved, you may feel the prospect of bad legislation or a new set of crippling regulations that can put you out of business.


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