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  • Hurricane Prediction: Up to 21 Named Storms May 25, 2022
    Of those 21 storms, 10 will be hurricanes, experts said, calling it “really a strange thing that we’ve had six consecutive seasons be so active.”
  • Condo Q&A: Can HOAs Ban Political Signs? May 25, 2022
    The short answer: Yes. The longer answer: The process to do so depends on governing docs, and it might not be as simple as it sounds.
  • Rising Home Prices Hurting Rental Returns May 25, 2022
    Attom study: Between 2021 and 2022, rental returns on a three-bedroom house declined in three out of four counties – largely because home prices rose 15%.
  • Condo Issues Emerge During Special Session May 25, 2022
    The Florida Legislature put condo safety on this week’s agenda by adding inspections and new financial requirements into a bill by way of an amendment.
  • Judge Increases Surfside Collapse Money to $96M May 25, 2022
    A previous property settlement of $83 million – which doesn’t include a separate loss-of-life case – was increased to $96 million on Tuesday.
  • The Perfect Song for Your Open House? May 25, 2022
    A study found that music influences diners’ food choices in a restaurant, but what works for an open house? Consider local tastes and a home’s style when choosing.
  • April New-Home Sales Drop Unexpected 16.6% May 24, 2022
    Pundits expected a slight drop in April new-home sales. NAHB’s chair calls the drop significant and cites the higher cost of new construction and rising interest rates.
  • Hurricane Tax ‘Holiday’ Adds Pet Supplies May 24, 2022
    Fla.’s sales-tax “holiday” on hurricane supplies starts this Saturday, and for the first time it includes pet supplies, including some bags of pet food and cat litter.
  • Economic Survey: Mild Recession, Much Disagreement May 24, 2022
    If there is a slump, most economists predict it will be relatively mild – and a majority believe the odds are greater than 50% that the U.S. won’t see a recession at all.
  • New Yorkers and Californians Flock to Florida May 24, 2022
    Fla. rents are up because demand is up, and new residents boost demand. In 2020, 167 people moved in for every 100 who left. In 2021, the inbound number was 210.
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