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  • Fla. Crowdfunding Firm Pleads Guilty to Fraud May 7, 2021
    The newest type of real estate investing still carries risk: A Jacksonville crowdfunding firm owner pleaded guilty to mail fraud when some projects didn’t fully fund.
  • Buyers Want a Custom Home? It May Take 18 Months May 7, 2021
    There are pros and cons to buying a new vs. existing home, but it’s taking a longer time to complete a new one – about four months more than it did two years ago.
  • The Nation’s Realtor Members Become More Diverse May 7, 2021
    In 2001, 10% of Realtors were nonwhite; in 2020, that number rose to 24%, according to a study on career choice released by NAR. However, whites had the highest median number of transactions (7) compared to Blacks and Asians (2), Hispanics (3) and LGBTQ+ members (5).
  • Owner Tests Appraisers, Finds Higher Value if White May 7, 2021
    After two appraisals, a Black owner removed ethnic art, asked a white male to act as her rep, and added $100K to her appraisal. “Comps” choices may have played a role.
  • The Real Estate Market Isn’t in a Bubble – It Just Isn’t May 7, 2021
    Rising home prices and recession memories have convinced some buyers that a bubble will pop and prices will drop. But it’s just too much demand and too little supply.
  • Fla. Takes First Step to Launch Rental Assistance Program May 6, 2021
    DCF, the Fla. department charged with distributing $850M of federal funds to assist with rental assistance, introduced a dedicated website to get funds to landlords and utility companies. Applications should be available soon, and payments can be direct-deposited into business accounts.
  • Court Strikes Down CDC’s Eviction Ban May 5, 2021
    A U.S. District Court judge called the CDC’s eviction ban unlawful, effectively ending it. The DOJ already appealed the decision, but a stay has not yet been requested.
  • Fla. County Approves ‘Tenant Bill of Rights’ May 5, 2021
    Renters in unincorporated Hillsborough County cannot be denied based on lawful income, including tenants who use Section 8 housing vouchers. Landlords must also give tenants a list of housing rights and provide a notice for late fees.
  • Most Agents Have Ridiculously-Easy-to-Guess Passwords May 5, 2021
    Hackers breaking into your account – or a broker’s account via the agent with the weakest password – start with “12345” and “password,” the most common in the industry.
  • Canada Proposes 1% Tax on Foreign-Owned Property May 5, 2021
    Trade wars could impact real estate: Starting in 2022, Americans who own Canadian summer homes may be required to pay a 1% tax on underutilized, foreign-owned homes.
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